Desolate Earth

     The importance of the types at this very time, is the fact that Jesus began the Investigative Judgment on October 22, 1844 and has continued that work ever since, and will do so until every case is decided and He "stands up" and declares for the second time; "it is finished".

      But; His work in the Heavenly Sanctuary is not complete until He performs the rest of the type specifically related to the ritual that took place on The Day of Atonement in the earthly sanctuary. That is; Christ must come out and place the sins of the people on the "Scapegoat" (Satan) and banish him into the desolate earth for the 1000 years.

     This action must, and will take place on a Day of Atonement just as it began on a Day of Atonement in 1844.  The Spirit declares that: "Type must meet Antitype at the time  pointed out in the symbolic service", of the sanctuary.

G.C. 399 - 400.


Therefore: a belief in, and observance of the feast days; is absolutely essential at this time in history!  Christ will then come at the beginning of the Great Feast of Tabernacles to complete the harvest of His Redeemed Saints, seven of those feast days  will be occupied by our  journey to Heaven, then on the "Last Great Day of The Feast" of Tabernacles we will sit down with Christ around that massive banquet table in Heaven, saved, eternally saved !